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Updates | The Great Beer Experiment

  • Stone Brewing Sold To Sapporo
    July 2, 2022

    Stone Brewing is not "Craft" Beer!

    Stone Brewing is sold to Sapporo. Now that Stone has gone Macro, will craft beer drinkers still drink Stone beers?In my opinion, the Brewers Association's definition of Craft Beer in the USA is flawed. Craft Beer is hard to define; hence the definition...

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  • Pickles with Beer
    July 1, 2022

    Pickles with Beer

    I was sent this TikTok video link by a friend recently and he asked, "Has the craft beer thing gone too far?" @liquorstore352 COMMENT WITH YOUR FAVORITE BEER! #liquorstore #liquorstore352 #liquorstore352review #craftbeer #offtherails #customerservice #retail #sourbeer #glitter #cheesecake #collegetown #collegehumor ♬ original sound...

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