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Corporate and Party Enquiry


1. How much should I order?
A general rule is to assume guests will have 1 to 2 drinks during each hour of the party. Plan for 1.5 drinks per guest per hour of your function. This should ensure you have enough alcohol for your party.

No. of guests x Hours of party time x 1.5 drinks

No. of guests = 250
Hours of party time = 4
You will need 250 guests x 4 hours x 1.5 drinks = 1500 drinks.

Let’s assume too that you will be serving a mix of beer, wine, and others beverages.

Assuming 50% are beer drinkers, you should be ordering 50% of 1500 drinks = 750 beers.

Hope this helps!

2. Do you deliver the beers cold?
Our beers are imported and stored chilled, but they sit in a non-chilled vehicle for a couple of hours during the delivery to you. We recommend chilling them in the fridge (not freezer) for at least 4 hours, for optimal flavours, before consumption.

Should you wish to have your beers delivered cold and ready for immediate consumption, purchase Foam box and Ice from our shop. We will pack your beers in the Styrofoam box and top up with ice before delivery.

1 Styrofoam box can hold 36 bottles/cans.

3. Do you deliver to hotels?
Yes we do. Most hotel staff do not accept food delivery items on behalf of their guests. In such cases, we may require you or the recipient to collect the items at the hotel lobby. We will get our driver to call you before he reaches.

4. Do you deliver to offices in the CBD area?
Yes we do, but sometimes, the drivers may not be able to access the building. In such cases we may require you or the recipient to collect the items at the office ground floor/lobby. We will get our driver to call you before he reaches.

Indicate in your order that the order is for a corporate event and the time you need the beers by.

5. Do you provide bottle opener?
You can purchase a bottle opener here.


6. Do you provide cups?
You can purchase plastic cups here.


7. Do you hold Beer Appreciation workshops?
Yes we do. Beer Appreciation workshops are great for team bonding. Do reach us at to discuss your requirements.

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