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Mixed: 8 Beers + 1 Free Glassware

If the only constant is change, then craft beers reflect that truly and fully. Beer brewing techniques, ingredients and the resulting flavours have evolved rapidly in the last few decades and one of the unintended consequences with this evolution is the fast diminishing prevalence of certain beer styles too.

Our VANISHING STYLE BEER ADVENTURE acquaints you with 8 different beers, possibly beer styles you have never or rarely encounter in today's IPA-dominant beer culture. Savour them while they're still brewed for you never know when a specific style may one day vanish forever.


  • Liefmans Goudenband - Flanders Old Brown
  • Rodenbach Grand Cru - Flanders Red Ale
  • Tripel Karmeliet - Triple
  • De Struise Pannepeut - Quadruple
  • Pauwel Kwak - Strong Amber Ale
  • Scream Ale - Cream Ale
  • Boon Gueze Mariage Parfait - Oude Gueze
  • De Struise Clash of the Titans Grand Reserve - Barrel Aged Barley Wine
  • Brewery Glassware (Free, Usual Price $15)

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