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Danish: When the winter darkness inexorably lowers over the whole country, and the Danes hide in thick clothes and pull down the mental blinds, then it is perfectly legitimate to flee a little into dreams of better, warmer and brighter times and places. Our Winter IPA is a tribute to just such a place that year-round chickens enjoy their pleasant 25 degrees - only interrupted by a couple of terrific snow showers. We think enough.
Taste the name - Bangalore. India's variegated and spicy mystery almost flows into the nostrils - just like the best Indian aroma ruminant we've used in this beer, grown just in beautiful Bangalore's upland.

We have specially designed this intensely delicate Winter IPA to suit AL winter's food - from apple slices, and fried herring over yellow peas to the coolest goose or rose with brown sauce. Even we vegans and the paleo people have tested it - and each one of them broke into praise. So do you. We guarantee.

Ingredients: Water. Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Carapils. Hops: Hercules, Chinook, Amarillo, Cascade. Dried orange peel. Yeast: US-Ale.