The Workaholic | 15 Beer Buddy Care Pack
Brewlander The Fringe Project 330ml XPA
Dundee Honey Brown Lager 355ml bottle
Feral Sly Fox Pale Ale
Feral Smoked Porter 375ml Can
Feral White 375ml Can
Innis & Gunn Scottish Craft Lager Beer 330ml Bottle
Lindemans Apple 250ml Fruit Lambic
Lindemans Cassis 250ml Fruit Lambic
Lindemans Pecheresse 250ml Fruit Lambic Bottle
Magic Hat #9 American Pale Ale 330ml bottle
Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit 330ml Can
Otherside Indie XPA 375ml Extra Pale Ale Can
Rye & Pint Punchin' Rye 330ml Rye Pale Ale Bottle
Rye & Pint Sunday's Brew 330ml Pilsner Bottle
Rye & Pint Trippin' Wheat 330ml Wheat Ale Bottle

The Workaholic | 15 Beer Buddy Care Pack

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No time? No problem! Do both!
Best indulged with tasty and sessionable craft beers light enough to keep them awake through the 8th meeting of the day.

Free Delivery
Free Coasters
Free Mikkeller 40CL Glass
Free Hand-Written Personalized Message (if you have any)

1 x Brewlander TFP XPA | Extra Pale Ale
1 x Dundee Honey Brown Lager | Brown Lager
1 x Feral Sly Fox | Pale Ale
1 x Feral Smoked Porter | Smoked Porter
1 x Feral White | White
1 x Innis & Gunn Lager | Scottish Craft Lager
1 x Lindemans Apple | Fruit Beer
1 x Lindemans Cassis | Fruit Beer
1 x Lindemans Pecheresse | Fruit Beer
1 x Magic Hat #9 | Pale Ale
1 x Magic Rock High Wire Grapefruit | Pale Ale
1 x Otherside Plan: C | Pale Ale
1 x Rye & Pint Punchin' Rye | Rye Pale Ale
1 x Rye & Pint Sunday's Brew | Pilsner
1 x Rye & Pint Trippin' Wheat | Wheat Ale

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