Beer Gift
Alpaca (33 CL) DDH IPA 6.6% ABV
Bowline (44cl) East India Porter 6.6% ABV
Calico (33CL) Gluten Free Pale Ale 4% ABV
Denim (44cl) HDHC IPA 7.2% ABV
Guji (44CL) Coffee Infused IPA 5.5% ABV
Ikat (44 CL) DIPA 8.0% ABV
Jute (33CL) Session IPA 4.2% ABV
Pray For Mojo (44 CL) Kveik IPA 7.4% ABV
Seersucker (44 CL) Sour IPA 4.3% ABV
Shoop (44cl) NE IPA 6.4% ABV
Tram (44CL) Double NE IPA 7.4% ABV
Vermont Galaxy (44cl) Vermont Session IPA 4.5 % ABV
Vermont Nelson Sauvin (44 CL) Vermont Session IPA 4.8% ABV
VIPL (44cl) Vienna IPL 6.3% ABV
When They Bring Back The Riff (44 CL) Barley Wine 10% ABV

The Salty Friend 15 Beer Care Pack

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We all have a Salty Friend. You know you do! The Salty Friend who is easily angry, agitated, or upset. But we love them nonetheless! They are honest, wear their hearts on their sleeves and are never afraid to show their true feelings. Show them you love them with this Salt Beer Pack!

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