Beer Gift
Poppin Haze (33CL) Hazy IPA 6% ABV
Punchin' Rye (33CL) Pale Ale 5% ABV
Star Gazin' (33CL) Session IPA 4.5% ABV
Sunday's Brew (33CL) Pilsner 5% ABV
Trippin' Wheat (33CL) Wheat Ale 5% ABV  Regular price

The Local Ah-Beng or Ah-Lian 5 Beer Care Pack

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You know the friend who is a true blue Singaporean? The one that shouts "Bojio", uses Army lingo all the time? The affable Hokkien Peng friend? Well, what better way to show you care than a Gift pack full of locally brewed craft beer from Rye & Pint brewing?

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