The Great Vocation Experiment - 5 Beer Pack
Vocation Single Hop HBC586 Pale Ale
Vocation 15 Mile Round Trip Double IPA
Vocation East & West Pale Ale
Vocation Smash & Grab Double IPA
Vocation Hop, Skip & Juice

The Great Vocation Experiment - 5 Beer Pack

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From brewing bold beers from their hilltop in Hebden Bridge and pouring punchy pints from their very own taprooms, Vocation Brewing is resolutely in the business of setting standards, not following trends. They never shy away from making unapologetically really good experimental stuffs that we really like.

According to them, they really put their heart and soul into every brew – it’s not life and death but it’s up there. They listen to their drinkers, they still make beer for them as much for as we do for their drinkers.

They only brew beer that they are proud to put our name on, for that is still their "Vocation".

We curated a big batch of tasting pack just for you to get to know their beers, starting with these 5 kickass drinks::

1x Single Hop doubHBC586
1x 15 Mile Round Trip
1x East & West Pale Ale
1x Smash & Grab
1x Hop, Skip & Juice

    So grab them fast before they are out!

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