Gamma Algorithm Juice Double IPA
Gamma It Slaps
Gamma Tis the Season Finale Rye IPA
Gamma Guap
Gamma Freak Wave IPA
Gamma Strangelet Session IPA

The Great Gamma Experiment - 6 Beer Pack

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Gamma Brewing Co was founded in early 2015 by five friends who met through bartending in the Copenhagen craft beer scene. In the beginning it was just a side project, we bought one fermentation tank and installed it in a brewer's collective in Gørløse north of Copenhagen, brewed a beer, kegged it, delivered it to local bars, brewed another and so on. 

Get ready to taste their amazing stuffs in this 6-beer tasting pack which includes: 

1x Algorithm Juice
1x It Slaps
1x Guap 
1x Tis The Season Finale
1x Freak Wave
1x Strangelet

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