The Great Amager Cans Experiment - 10 Beer Pack
Amager Black Rainbows
Amager Demon Juice
Amager The Amazing Chanting Hobbits
Amager What Whale
Amager Todd the Axeman
Amager Kilo the King of Cuddles
Amager Lardy-Dardy
Amager Berzeker Double IPA
Amager Waow Kapow APA
Amager Bamboozled  Hazy IPA

The Great Amager Cans Experiment - 10 Beer Pack

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Amager Brewery began when two friends Morten Valentin Lundsbak and Jacob Storm met in a science class wrote a paper on the fermentation process. This project kick-started their home brewing journey and after many homebrews, Amager Bryghus was opened in April 2007. Since then, Amager Brewery has been ranked as one of the best breweries in the world!

We curated really delish stuffs from Amager that we want you to try. The pack includes:

1x Black Rainbows
1x Demon Juice
1x The Amazing Chanting Hobbits
1x What Whale
1x Todd The Axe Man
1x Kilo The King Of Cuddles
1x Lardy-dardy
1x Bamboozled
1x  Berzeker
1x Waow Kapow

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