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BEER STYLE: Mango, Raspberry, Bubblegum & Vanilla Sour



VOLUME: 500 ml

BREWERY: Rocky Ridge

COUNTRY: Australia


Heeeeeey, Charllliee. Heeeeey Cchaarliee, wake up! Yeah Cchaarlie you silly sleepy head wake up!! The meadow is on fire!! No just jokes! We’ve found a map Chharlie, a map to the South West Craft Beer Fest!

Come with us, Charlie. Yeah Charliee! It will be an adventure! Come with us on an Adventure!! This sour ale is a whimsical journey across tarts and tangy bridges to lands of sweets! and joy!.... And joyness! And sweets! Full of maaaaaaa-gical mango, raspberry, vanilla and bubblegum!

So if you're down and looking for some cheering up!... Then just head to the Beer Fest this weekend!.... When you get inside you’ll find yourself a cheerly land!... ! Such a happy and joy filled perky maryland!!!!

If Charlie doesn't sound like your cup of bonkers! Well we say shun the non-believer!! Shhhunnn. Shhhhhuunnnnnnn-naa!!

But also join us anyway! All of our amazing South West beer friends will have loads of other delicious beery beers for you!

Size: Single

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