Compendium Rojak Gin 500ml Bottle
Rachelle the Rabbit Compendium Spirits Rojak Gin 500ml Cheapest in Singapore with free delivery

Compendium Rojak Gin (50CL) 45% ABV

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What makes a spirit truly local if not for the flavours familiar and special to a place’s inhabitants. 
Each Rojak Gin is a cacophony of scents that are at once recognisable yet novel. Nose whiffs of torch ginger that then conjure aromas of that familiar rojak nuttiness in your mind, before tasting a bold botanical punch of juniper and lemon peel on your tongue.
Made from distilled homemade mead, you’ll find this gin as silky smooth as the artisanal honey it is distilled from. Sip on it chilled or have it in a Negroni; it’s good either way.
Main Ingredients: Juniper beries, lemon peel, torch ginger

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