Lindemans Gift Pack
Lindemans Glass
Lindemans Apple 250ml Fruit Lambic
Lindemans Cassis 250ml Fruit Lambic
Lindemans Framboise 250ml Bottle
Lindemans Kriek 250ml Bottle

Lindemans Gift Pack | 4 Beers + Glass

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Artisanal lambic breweries such as Lindemans, make their fruit beers by blending the lambic and fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice before bottling. This Belgian family brewery based in a small town Vlezenbeek started brewing commercially in 1822 but has been farming and homebrewing for as long as anyone can remember!

1 x Lindemans Glass
1 x Lindemans Coaster Set

x Lindemans Apple
x Lindemans Cassis
x Lindemans Framboise
1 x Lindemans Kriek

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