Feral 6 Beer Tasting Pack
Feral Hop Hog Pale Ale 375ml Can
Feral White Belgian Style Wit Bier 375ml Can
Feral Smoked Porter 375ml Can
Feral Biggie Juice New England Style East Coast IPA 375ml Can
Feral Sly Fox Session IPA 375ml Can
Feral War Hog IPA 375ml Can

Feral Tasting Pack | 6 beers in a pack

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The nature of Feral is to cast domesticity aside and embrace the wild. To tear apart and destroy terrains and forge new environments for the benefit of the herd, and the continuation of our species. It is to be uncompromising, untamed, and downright unapologetic: a way of life born from raw, natural instincts and perfected by thousands of years of evolution. And to be free to wear short shorts on a Friday!
Welcome to Feral...

1 x Hop Hog | Pale Ale
1 x White | Belgian Style Wit Bier
1 x Smoked Porter
1 x Biggie Juice | New England Style IPA
1 x Sly Fox | Session IPA
1 x War Hog | IPA

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