Feral Shooter's IPA (37.5 CL) Juicy IPA 7% ABV

Feral Shooter's IPA (37.5 CL) Juicy IPA 7% ABV

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Taking inspiration from Shooter McGavin's iconic "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" quote... we bring you Shooter's Juicy IPA!

Flakes of corn, juicy hops and a hefty dose of lactose combine to create Shooter's Juicy IPA. It smells like tropical fruit, looks like orange juice, tastes like sweet cereal, and is sure to get your day started just right. Brewed originally for #GABS2018

Jammed full of juicy hops, lactose and your favourite breakfast cereals… Shooter’s IPA is seriously smooth with big tropical flavour. We do not recommend consuming this IPA for breakfast….

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