Amager Walter The Baby Bat Double IPA 330ml Bottle

Amager Walter the Baby Bat (33CL) Hazy Double IPA 8.5% ABV

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When you're only 8 weeks old, there are many things in life that you're not quite aware of yet. Little Walter just had to giggle a bit and move his arms in his cute bat-like manner to see true love streaming from his parents eyes.
Their utmost devotion he was fully aware of. But the fact that Walter at this early stage in his life was a true world record holder, that he probably didn't know. The whole concept of a world record would not be fully explained to him until several years later. But when he invited all his friends and family over for his baptism party in April 2020, Walter owned the honorable record of being the youngest person in history to have a Dryhopped Hazy Double IPA named after him. No less. Yeah, that's a beer for the record. At this stage of life, Walter's drink of choice was still milk, so he would let his guests dig into the juicier stuff, that IPA something. Walter, however, was not entirely fond of the name of the beer, that carried his name. A 'Baby Bat', seriously? How embarrassing is that, exactly? But Walter would resign and forgive, because that's something you learn fast when you're the son of a beer label illustrator with a special affection for horror movies and the more bizarre comics. Such poor taste. At this early stage in life Walter had learned to understand that being depicted as a baby bat was actually a sign of affection, at least in the minds of his screwed up parents. Walter sighed deeply and thought to himself: "With this Mum and Dad, it is sure gonna be a looooong life."

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