Amager The Bastard Princess IPA 330ml Bottle

Amager The Bastard Princess (33CL) IPA 6% ABV

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Throughout history, Danish kings have been known for 2 things: 1) A strange desire to declare war on far superior enemies. 2) A libido even exceeding their lust for gunpowder and cannonballs. One king had such success in the crown canopy bed that his many sons and daughters at one point were happily installed as kings, princes and princesses at royal courts all over Europe. However, this particular king couldn't keep his royal pecker in his pants, so he continued to spread his royal seeds with court servants and kitchen maids. Every so often this royal fornication would lead to the birth of a bastard child with half royal genes. The mother would then be secretly expelled from the court for being a shrewd temptress! This beer, The Bastard Princess, is named after just such a fourth generation royal bastard whose noble ancestry was a well kept family secret for many years. But why hide the fact that you have royal blood in your veins - even if you are indeed just a bastard?

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