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BEER STYLE: Dry Hopped Hazy Double IPA



VOLUME: 440 ml


COUNTRY: Denmark


When the Danish king invited Dutchmen to settle at Amager back in 1521, he also granted them religious freedom, which may not have been an entirely good idea. You see, back in the day The Netherlands were heavily influenced by France, and some of the settlers brought weird French ideas into their religious practices. One such thing was Maman Brigitte. Nobody really knows how she made her way into European religion, but maybe freed slaves brought her home from the French colonies in the Caribbean. This horrid looking mother figure was supposedly a protector of cemeteries, so to some degree it made sense when suddenly one day a figure of her appeared at the local Store Magleby Kirkegård (Cemetery).
The original Danish Amager people were scared shitless, as they had never seen anything this frightening. So, one night a vigilante party of local Amarikans snuck into the cemetery and soaked this ghastly witch, as they called her, in diesel before putting her ablaze. Naturally this caused some tension with those in the Dutch settler party who worshipped her. But matters were resolved, and the Dutch minority of Maman Brigitte worshippers agreed to keep her out of the cemetery for all eternity. But to this day you will see scarecrows on Amager fields with an uncanny resemblance to – yes you guessed it, Maman Brigitte.

Size: Single

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