Amager Lardy Dardy Session Hazy IPA 440ml Can

Amager Lardy Dardy (44CL) Hazy Session IPA 4.5% ABV

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Some have claimed that Calcifer Stroker was a bitter man. That however was never true as he personally always favored Mild ales. Calcifer was a very particular man, who favored systems and a strict order in his systems. In his professional life, he was a teacher at Wolfson College in Cambridge, always favoring an after-hours drink at "The Brisk & Brim". For years, it had annoyed him that many customers simply ordered a "pint", although the pub carried several beers that came in different colors and strengths. A "pint" was such poor and unclear communication in Calcifer's opinion - A pint of what exactly? Some beers did have a vague style designation like Bitter, Porter or Mild, but it was all quite muddled and incoherent.
For the next several years, Calcifer Stroker used all of his spare time to sample beers and interview brewers. Finally - with no small degree of complacency - he was ready to publish his complete style guide to beer, which took the beer world by storm. He even set up a judging system that would allow the world's beers to be compared on equal terms in 75 styles. 
All of this happened when Calcifer was a fairly young man and the beer world was a stable one. It is said that the 1st Double IPA raised Calcifer a minor nervous breakdown. When somebody brewed a big Stout with pizza and dollar bills, he was admitted to a mental institution where he frantically tried to put the world of beer styles right again. It took 3 years before the doors to freedom would open. But when he asked for his usual pint of Mild at "The Brisk & Brim", the bartender looked at him as if he was clearly insane and instead poured something called a Dryhopped Hazy Session IPA which looked suspiciously as if it had little chunks of orange pulp in it. This became the fatal glass of beer that laid poor Calcifer Stroker in his grave. His despair at seeing his life's work of systematizing the beers of the world ruined cause his heart to break and his soul to disappear into the bottomless pit of confusion.

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