Amager Kilo The King of Cuddles IPA 440ml Can

Amager Kilo The King Of Cuddles (44CL) Snout Juice IPA 5.8% ABV

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If you have a close relationship with our brewery, you probably know there is one thing that makes us better than all the rest. It isn't the beer, or our dubious morals, or the great taste in music one of our brewer has. If you've ever set foot here or even browsed our SoMe, you know we have royalty amongst us, the King of all Kings, the ruler or our hearts, the master of farts, Kilo Snoutsypants. You may see him as an over enthusiastic host, or as the ultimate eye candy, maybe even a conversation starter and possibly the only cool member of our team. He is all that and so much more. Behind that overwhelming handsomeness and the world's most beautiful eyes, lies a soul that is almost as hungry for life and love as it is for balls, nugget and naps. A book could be written about this little fluff, but we went for a beer, inspired by his warm and cuddle personality... Snout Juice IPA was born.

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