Amager Diabolic IPA
Amager Diabolic Double IPA 440ml Can

Amager Diabolic 6 Pack (44CL) Double IPA 7.5% ABV

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A collaboration beer with Adroit Theory Brewing Company, VA, USA.

Afterwards the townspeople of Bath, Michigan, claimed that Andrew Kehoe always had a diabolical grin on his face. But it's so easy being wise. After the fact. It was 1927 and the worst part of the big depression hadn't yet hit the USA. But already, times in small town America was tough. Maybe Kehoe should never have bought a farm. Having studied electrical engineering at college, he always seemed to prefer mechanical tinkering to farming. Embittered by his failure as a farmer, his wife's tuberculosis and the hospital bills that followed, skyrocketing school taxes and finally a humiliating public defeat in the re-election as the town clerk apparently caused Kehoe to finally lose it. He wanted revenge. And his revenge was a long, patient, well planned an incredibly evil one. Hired to do electrical repairs at the local school, he slowly filled the basement with explosives over the period of several month. At 8:45am on May 18th, an alarm clock installed by Kehoe set off the bomb under the north wing of Bath Consolidated School, instantly killing 37 children. In the chaos that followed, Andrew Kehoe arrived at the scene and set off a car bomb in his farm truck killing himself and 8 more people; including an 8 year old boy who had survived the initial blast. Witnesses later told that Kehoe was grinning diabolically as the bomb went off. Excavations in the rubble revealed another 500 points of dynamite that had failed to detonate under the school's South Wing. Investigators later found a stenciled message that Kehoe has left on the fence of his farm: "Criminals are made, not born" it said. This may have been the 1st school mass murder in American history. As history has since revealed, it was far from bring the last.

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