Amager Demon Juice Hazy IPA 440ml Can

Amager Demon Juice (44CL) Hazy IPA 7% ABV

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A collaboration made with Titletown Brewing Co., Green Bay, Wisconsin

Demon Juice is a beer born out of friendship across borders. Back in 2016 Jacqueline Weycker, out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, was an exchange student in Copenhagen, living with a host family at Amager. Jacqueline – or Jackie – came from a brewing background as back in 1996, her dad, Brent had founded one of the earliest craft breweries back home in Green Bay: Titletown Brewing Co, located in an old train depot registered in the National Register of Historic Places. Knowing her interest in beer and brewing, her Danish host family took her to Amager Bryghus where she immediately became a friend and volunteer pouring beer at a couple of Amager events with the skill and professionalism that only an upbringing in the beer world can give you! In 2019, Jackie messaged, saying that she was gonna be back in Denmark and this time, bringing her whole family on a holiday. And so it was that on May 13th, the Weycker family came to brew Demon Juice over a breakfast loaded with plenty of danishes. As Amager, like Green Bay, is a proud location for American Football, we named the beer with a friendly nod at our very own local football heroes, the Amager Demons.

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