Amager El Zorro (330ml) Dry Hopped Triple IPA 10% ABV

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If you really thought that El Zorro was the creation of some cheap American pulp writer or the weird half-brother of Batman, well think again. Because El Zorro was REAL! His secret given name was Narcis Vilas and he was known as an animal lover, someone good with children and maybe even one of the first vegans. Many things are a little shrouded about his origins, but it's as good as certain that he was born in the micro-state of Andorra on a gloomy day in 1788. Some claim that he was the results of a one night stand between the Bishop of Urgell - in Andorra for dice gambling as usual - and a local waitress. Since bishops cannot really bring up kids - at least not in public - Narcis was placed in the green-keeper of Andorra's only golf course and his Thai wife. As he grew up, the boy developed a strict sense of right and wrong - maybe inspired by this stepmom's Zen-Buddhism - and a love for Mexican westerns. Dressed as a mixture of vigilante and Latin lover, he would soon be known as El Zorro because of his fox red cape and Cordovan hat. When he came rushing to help where wrong was done, strangely he didn't ride either a goat or a horse, but an electric golf buggy. Historians suspect that the golf buggy may be the result of a translation error from the old legends. Apparently, his rapier never drew any blood as he was known to faint but he sight of as little as one drop. Nevertheless, El Zorro became a myth, an Iberian Robin Hood of sorts and to this day, people in jeopardy will still send a prayer for him to appear - gold buggy or not!