Amager El Bufon (330ml) Double Dry Hopped Lager 5.8% ABV

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In many ways, Brent Bauza was a sweet boy. He was kind and helpful but... well, there were plenty of buts. He had this thing about sneaking into his Mum's closet and dressing up in her most colorful garments when he thought she wasn't around. But often, she was and there would be shouting and tears.When he got into her make up as well, the shouting got worse. Had the Bauzas lived in Barcelona, then perhaps the scandal would've been a minor one. But they lived in a small mountain village with little understanding for such odd behavior. When Bernat was 16, he was told he could either leave or be kicked out of his home. Strangely, he felt free and happy when he left his home behind. He learned to juggle from an old gypsy and made enough money to buy his 1st jester costume. Soon, his reputation and skills brought him inside the many castles and noble homes of Southern Spain. His fans were full of admiration and felt thrilled that he wouldn't reveal whether the little heads he juggled with were the dried heads of actual princes and princesses as some claimed, or simply cloth stuffed with peas. When he dies in 1985, both rich and famous, he took that secret with him into the grave. The people who closed his coffin insisted that he had a little contented smile on his face as he was put to his eternal rest - with his nickname carved in his tombstone "The Juggler of Many Heads".