Alive Brewing Co One Night In Cologne Kolsch 330ml bottle
Alive Brewing One Night in Cologne 330ml Bottle Singapore Craft Beer German Light Lager Kolsch
Alive Brewing Craft Beer Singapore

Alive Brewing One Night in Cologne (33CL) Kolsch 5.2% ABV

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Alive Brewing is Singapore’s youngest craft brewery (as of 28 April 2020). Founded by college mates, Qing Yang and Ryan, formerly junior college mates, they aspire to recreate the “liveliness” in the beers they had drank at origin. Support local, support the young entrepreneurs!

One Night in Cologne is our version of Kölsch style ale originating from the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany. It is malty and bready with delightfully light fruit and floral notes.

Often touted by connoisseurs as the perfect summer's day or hot weather beer given its crisp qualities, Kölsch remains lesser known in a world where modern hoppy beers reign supreme. An oddity of a beer, it is made with characteristics of both ales and lagers. Lagering or cold storage of Kölsch contributes to immense drinkability, whilst the use of ale yeast during fermentation contributes to delectable malt flavours balanced by light touches of fruity and floral tones.

Perhaps you might think we would recommend One Night in Cologne as the perfect beer for Singapore's hot and sultry summer weather. Instead, we say this beer is the perfect companion to unwind, relax and catch up with some friends any day. Prost!

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