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Hello there… The Great Beer Experiment is finally online! Our online catalog will be growing over the coming weeks to fully match our shop’s catalog. We are working on our Christmas Beer range as we type. Keep checking in on our e-offerings… while we grow. Meanwhile, we hope the online shop will bring you more value and potential savings!
During our launch, we will be ironing out delivery issues, payment issues and the likes over the coming weeks. Do bear with us as no matter how many times we have beta-tested our processes before the launch, the real crunch comes only during actual implementation.
Our online work ethos remains the same as our shop! Feel free to drop our beertenders a call, or email, should you need to find out more about delivery and payment terms or find out more about the beer you are going to purchase or beers that you have purchased. We aim only to serve.
If you are free, drop by the shop to finally meet us in person! Meannwhile, we are looking forward to meeting everyone through our new portal in cyberspace!
Cheers to Beers!
The Great Beer Experiment

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