Gluten-Free Diet – Fad or Fact?

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The gluten-free movement is rising rapidly. Ever wondered if it’s just a culinary fad or a legitimate movement?

To start off, what exactly is gluten?

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Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, barley and rye and often present in our daily diet including bread, Milo, ketchup and beer. While most of us can consume gluten with no issue, there are however, some individuals who suffer complications – Coeliac Disease.

The heart of the matter, is the matter of the gut.

Our immune system protects the body from infections and illnesses by getting rid of germs and other invaders that do not belong.

In coeliac patients, the immune system mistakes gluten as a foreign invader and attacks the gut. Very often, the intestines of these individuals are inflamed and damaged.

Treatment to prevent Coeliac Disease?

Currently, there is no treatment. The only way to control it is a strict, 100% gluten-free diet.

If gone undiagnosed for many years, symptoms may progress to include:
- Malnutrition
- Infertility and miscarriage
- Anaemia
- Osteoporosis
- Intestinal lymphoma and small bowel cancer
- Neurological problems such as seizures

Fortunately, many eateries and food manufacturers are starting to offer special recipes for these individuals so that they can be included in social gatherings, too.

So… Gluten-Free beers?

Mongozo is known for its special, innovative technique that removes gluten at 2 stages of the brewing process. This method is used on 2 specific beers: Mongozo’s Premium Pilsner and Buckwheat White.

Gluten-abstainers can be at ease as these 2 beers are gluten-free certified by the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS).

Mongozo Buckwheat White

Fresh and fruity aroma with notes of herb. A mild hop flavor and a smooth, rounded aftertaste that is slightly tart. A beer brewed with unique ingredients, suited for gluten free and normal drinkers alike.

Mongozo Premium Pilsner

This is the world’s first lager that combines three unique elements: organic, gluten-free and Fairtrade all in one bottle.

A mild hoppy, and easy-drinking lager brewed using only high-grade, certified-organic barley malt, rice and hops.

Fact and fad.

While the gluten-free diet may seem like a fad, it should not discount the fact that there are people facing very real and serious health conditions.

So before any of us ‘gluten-shame’ someone, remember that it may be a matter of life and death.


How about checking our range of gluten free drinks now that you know about gluten free beers?

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