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“There cannot be good living where there is no good drinking” – Benjamin Franklin

Totally agree and may we add, good drinking does not have to cost an arm and a leg. We know you want to spoil your guests this Chinese New Year so we have shortlisted 8 delightful brews under $8 for your gathering.


Lindemans Peach is impossible to replicate. It is fermented by wild yeasts unique only to the air around its brewery. This wild fermentation process produces a beer style called “Lambic.

Take a 1-year-old Lambic and blend it with 30% fresh peach juice?

The result is an aromatic peach fruit beer with full flavours yet well-balanced between tartness and sweetness.

Fun fact: In Chinese mythology, peaches were considered “Fruit of Immortality”, whoever eats it will be perpetually young. Hence today, it symbolises good health and longevity.

Style: Fruit Lambic
Tasting Notes: Sweet and full-bodied balanced by carbonation and slight tartness.
ABV: 2.5%, 250ml
Price: $6.50


Ever wondered why supermarkets are flooded with pineapple decorations and goodies during Chinese New Year?

Here’s why. In several Chinese dialects, pineapple sounds like the arrival of prosperity. ‘Wong-lai’ in Cantonese, and ‘ong-lai’ in Hokkien.

Krush is an Aussie pineapple squished into a 355ml can; bursting with juicy tropical fruit notes and ends off with a clean malt profile. Betcha wouldn’t stop at one!

Style: Pale Ale
Tasting Notes: Light-bodied and low in bitterness, with big and tangy pineapple flavours.
ABV: 4.7%, 375ml
Price: $6.50


Is “Try 1 new thing every day” on this year’s resolution list? Then ditch your usual, bland-tasting commercial lagers.

Honey Brown Lager is brewed with pure Manitoba White Clover Honey. Medium-bodied and golden amber in colour, its honey sweetness is balanced out by mild hops and a dry finish.

Like what the brewers at Dundee Brewery said, “it’s a beer you can drink throughout the night".

P.S. Day AND night for us. ;-)

Style: Lager
Tasting Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied with a hint of honey on the palate.
ABV: 4.5%, 355ml
Price: $6.00

#4. MAGIC HAT #9

Have that one friend whom you see once a year and then mysteriously disappears for the other 364 days?

This one is for him or her!

As the brewer puts it, “a sorta, dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue with subtle notes of fruit and a floral hop bitterness. Beyond that, we dare not tell you more, for with each sip, mysteries are revealed and still more questions raised”.

Style: (Not Quite) Pale Ale
Tasting Notes: Crisp with notes of apricots and gentle hops.
ABV: 5.1%, 355ml
Price: $6.50


Born & Bre(wed) in Singapore; Rye & Pint is a brewery helmed by the Goh brothers – Luther, Rufus & Ross. Their brewing philosophy is to use only the best ingredients to brew beers that everyone can enjoy, especially in sunny Singapore!

Trippin’ Wheat is a wheat beer with hints of banana and clove. It rounds off with a citrus and slightly hoppy finish.

Style: Wheat Ale
Tasting Notes: Flavours of banana and wheat malts, with a hint of spice.
ABV: 5%, 330ml
Price: $7.00


“Op & Top” translates to ‘On Top & The Best’ – an accurate name to put on this label by the world renowned Dutch brewery, De Molen.

An enticing aroma of grapefruit and tangerine, with a malty body and ends off with a lingering bitterness. The perfect brew for anyone who loves their beers bitter and dry.

Style: English Bitter
Tasting Notes: Citrus, herbal and malty. Hoppy with long finish.
ABV: 4.5%, 330ml
Price: $7.00


Knows someone who cringes at the thought of beer, but loves a good whiskey or bourbon?

Then Innis and Gunn Original would be an eye-opener and possibly a game-changer for them.

A smooth Scottish Ale with sweet vanilla oak finish. It is matured in the finest American oak heartwood for 77 days to impart its signature toffee flavour.

Style: Scottish Ale
Tasting Notes: Aromas of vanilla and toffee. Hints of citrus, with malt and oak flavours.
ABV: 6.6%, 330ml
Price: $7.50


Carefully crafted from a recipe using ginger which is cold steeped for up to six weeks and then combined with four secret ingredients to produce its deep, deliciously spicy flavour.

Non-alcoholic ginger beer? You’ll never revert back to that again.

Style: Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Tasting Notes: Sweet and refreshing, with distinct ginger spiciness.
ABV: 4%, 330ml
Price: $6.50

So what are you waiting for? Pamper yourself and enjoy the goodies. We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Lunar New Year!

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